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Band Rehearsal Space

Our Red Room is a great space to relax and get your groove on.  Fully equipped with PA, Mics, AC, refrigerator, wireless internet and more, the 400 sq ft Red Room is everything your band needs to get down to business.   Our low hourly rate make it easy and we offer discounts for bands who book on a regular basis.

Want to record your rehearsal?  Now you can!  Whether using a simple room mic or full blown multi-tracking, we'll help you make the most of your practice time so you can reach your music goals faster.

Included in Your Rental

  • Professional PA system

  • 12 channel Mixer

  • 2x mics + 2x mic stands

  • Guitar Amp

  • AC

  • Refrigerator

  • Complementary Water & Tea station

  • Easy load-in: Private Parking only 10' away


  • $25-30/hr

  • Monthly discounts available

  • Recording available @ additional cost

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