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SoundWell was birthed from a dream.  In 2016, a group of a dozen adults a gaggle of kids moved to a magical land to live, grow food, raise kids together and learn to be good land stewards.  Along the way we became Landwell Community.  And while we love to have our hands in the dirt and toes in the creek, we also love to make music. 


Out of this well of community, SoundWell was born.  We call it the Thumping Amplifier of the People. 

Our Mission: to amplify the messages of evolution and joy, justice and sustainability.  Our people need inspiring songs to keep them dancing.  We need people sharing their stories to keep us learning.  SoundWell is here to capture the stories and share the songs. We find Nature and Creativity to be closely related... rarely straight forward, yet both having innate wisdom guiding them towards a higher purpose.  

When we're not in the studio, you might find us building cob benches, planting fruit trees or playing soccer.   SoundWell is steeped in community.  Our goal is to build relationships through music and cultivate a community feeling in the studio.  A far cry from big, uptight studios, we try to take things a little slower and a little sweeter here.  While you're recording, you might step outside to pick a crisp apple, take a walk to the year round creek or have a conversation with neighbors about permaculture or justice and equity.  We are here to grow, support and have fun together!  Come on by to check out the studio.  Let's create magic TOGETHER.  


Our Team

IsabelLawrence-790 eye crop.jpg

Patrick Numair, Owner
DJ, Producer & Engineer


Patrick has over 20 years experience as a professional DJ, songwriter, producer, classical guitarist & percussionist. He brings an open palate and depth of knowledge to any project he works on. 




Dave Greenberg
Producer, Mixing & Engineer


Dave has been producing music for over 2 decades, including at Electric Lady Studios and The Hit Factory in NYC.  He  has an infectious passion and skill set that will elevate your music to the next level.

Mixing & Listening Room
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Live Tracking Red Room
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